Declaration of Intent 13th February 2018

Declaration of Intent

13th February 2018

The administrators, staffs and employees of the Zoological Park Organization (ZPO) jointly declared their intent to anti-corruption and cultivate anti-corruption mindset within the "Zero Tolerance Campaign 2018”

As these declaration,

  1. I will operate and organize all of the ZPO’s works with transparence and equality
    , as well as facilitate the organization with fairness, honest and awareness in my responsibilities.
  2. I will do the best in my responsibilities and I will work with my intelligence for considering about: What action is good? What action is decadence? What actions must be taken and what actions must be omitted and eliminated? "
  3. I will encourage the staffs and employees, who work with equity, honest and work by basing on the ethics.
  4. I will stand against all of corruptions and protect all of anti-corruption people for leading the ZPO and Thai Society to the sustainable prosperity.

"The ZPO will not corruption and do not tolerate to all of corruptions”