Snake Skin Gourami (Trichogaster pectoralis)

Interesting :

It is a freshwater fish having flattened side. Its shape is similar to leafs and Three-spot Gourami, but it has no black dots on body. It has many black stripes vertically along body. Male Snake Skin Gourami has rather dark color and stripe than female Snake Skin Gourami. The appearance of dorsal fin distinguishes male from female. Male Snake Skin Gourami has longer caudal fin than female.

Habitat :

It is found in rivers, swamps, standing water and low land in the center part. In the past, it used to have plenty of Snake Skin Gourami in Don Kumyarn, Suphanburi Province. It has a good taste. At the present, it is raised for commercial purpose in Samut Prakarn and Chachoengsao.

Food :

It eats aquatic insects, embryo, larva, moss and plankton

Behavior :

It is aggressive. It usually bites other fishes and hurts smaller animals. It is patient, easy to raise and like to hide under bushes.