Grey Featherback (Notopterus notopterus)

Interesting :

It`s body is nimbly. The side of body is flat. It has small mouth. The middle of its lip has a tuberosity jutting out, which is a unique character of fish in this family. There is no barbel. Usually, it makes a living as a group.

Habitat :

It is found in every part of Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Food :

It eats aquatic plants and aquatic animals.

Behavior :

It is shy and easily frightened. It likes to stay as a small group and take a rest by hiding under stumps or rock folds. It does not like bright light so it likes to look for food at night time. It likes to breach over water and make sound, then roll over itself showing its silver blue side of body.

Size and weight :

The body length is about 7 – 20 centimeters.