Greater Brook Carp (Tor tambroides)

Interesting :

Greater Brook Carp belongs to Cyprinidae family. Its shape is similar to Pla-Ta-Pean but it is more colorful. Its body is a green typed color. Its back is dark green. It has big scales, in which there are small blue dots connecting as a circle shape on the scales. It has dark blue fins, small head and 2 pair of barbells at its snout and mouth angle. Its lips are thick and flat. It likes to dwell in clear and clean waterfalls and streams.

Habitat :

It is found in Zai-Yok River, Wung River, Puy River and Long River.

Food :

It eats aquatic plants and seeds.

Behavior :

It spawns during June to July.

Size and weight :

Its body length is about 40-50 centimeters.